Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals.
Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals

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Advanced HIT Training

Advanced Hit Training using Various Modalities (HIT 1)

 Instructor:Khalid McLeod, CCS, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Consultant

General Guidelines/Synopsis of the class: 4 hour format: Broken down into 60-90 minute lecture, and 1 hr. of demonstration and 2 hrs. of practical application for students. Students will learn HIT techniques using various modalities such as the ball, resist-a-ball , etc

4 Hours – 8 CEUs- -$125

Advanced Programming

Advanced Programming and Program Design

 Instructor:Khalid McLeod, CCS, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Consultant

Program Design is a lost science/art in general training today. The premise with this class is to teach proper progressive overload with a variety of techniques and formats to teach trainers balance and overall progression to common and advanced clients. This class will focus on the development of programs based on clients wants and needs; the planning aspect based on time restraints and limited resources, as well as the implementation of various modalities and advanced overload techniques (AOT’s) that could be used when athletes face certain challenges or plateau’s in their Periodization training.

Each participant will be asked to participate in a variety of techniques and protocols and engage with other students on a number of different workout formats. Whether you are a body builder, conditioning specialist, or post-rehab specialist, proper progression overload cannot be overlooked or ignored. Open discussion will be encouraged.

 6 Hours – 12 NSPA CEUs – Early Bird Price $130 – Regular Price- $160
Cardiovascular Training & Conditioning

Cardiovascular Training & Conditioning

Instructor:Khalid McLeod, CCS, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Consultant

Lecture and practical components including:
  • Muscle Fiber and Make-Up
  • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
  • Energy Systems
  • Practical Work with Treadmills and various dynamics
  • RPM vs. Mets.
  • Dynamic vs. Static Stretch
  • PNF Stretching
How to Influence People to buy Personal Training

NEW! How to influence people to buy personal training without sounding like a sales person. -

Instructor:Christopher Palmer - CSCS

Trainers don’t always like to sell or hate to sound like a sales person when talking to potential clients. This course will give trainers some tools to help sell personal training to prospective clients by finding out their explicit needs and goals while building a rapport with the client. And then CLOSE the DEAL!!!! We will also go over some marketing tools that will also help you get clients in front of you.

A must for all present and aspiring NSPA certified professionals!

 4 Hours – 8 CEUs- $110
How Core Aware are You?

NEW! How Core Aware Are You? 

Instructor: Khalid McLeod M.S., CCS, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Consultant-

Learn all you ever wanted to know about the core. Learn about the skelatal system, the nervous system, posture and muscle imbalances, lumbar risks, progression in core strengthening, and exercises for improved core strength.

Put this all together and you wil be Core Aware! Take new exercises and a deeper understanding of why core strength is so important back to your clients! They will love you for bringing them new ab exercises!!!

4 Hours – 8 CEUs – $125

Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Speed, Agility, and Quickness
Improving Your Neurological Function, Speed, and Efficiency

Instructor:Khalid McLeod, CCS, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Consultant

This class is designed to teach the athlete how to become a more explosive, powerful, and elusive runner. With this, there are 4 major concepts for the athlete that will be gone over in the class:

1) Dynamic Warm-up: Getting the athlete ready for competition in a non-static fashion, simply by moving kinestically through space.

2) Form Run Techniques: Taking the athlete’s natural gait and breaking it down systematically to make him/her more efficient with each step.

3)The Strength Component: which is needed to assist the athlete with generating more power in their 1st Step and beyond.

4) Plyometrics and Agility: which is a very important component for the athlete, in terms of controlling that explosiveness and then utiliziing and controlling it in a dynamic way so the individual becomes an overall better athlete.

4 Hours – 8 NSPA CEUs- $125

Performance Enhancement for Athletes and Personal Training Clients

Performance Enhancement for Athletes and Personal Training Clients (Agility and Core)

Instructor: Khalid McLeod, M.S., CCS, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Consultant

This class is designed for Personal Trainers and Conditioning Specialists who wish to improve speed and neuromuscular skills in their athletes and advanced clients. Participants will learn how to challenge their keen sense as well as implement proper progression of fundamental drills to be used to formalize a Periodization protocol for training. Regardless of sport, whether it’s anaerobic or aerobic, explosiveness or endurance, improved agility is imperative for today’s athlete.

This class will teach a hands on approach and attention to detail for coaches and their respective athletes in various segments which will include:

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Form-Run Drills
  • Agility Progression
  • Pre-hab and Core

A must for Personal Trainers, Conditioning Coaches, and Coaches who are trying to take it to the next level.

4 Hours- 8 NSPA CEUs- $125

Nutrition and Weight Management

Nutrition and Weight Management- Certification

Instructor: Khalid McLeod, M.S., CCS, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Consultant

This course is designed to not only go over the basics of nutrition but also to teach the trainer/instructor how to properly manage and distribute calories on a daily basis, so they are able to make educated choices for their clientele. The course will include the growing trends in America over the last 20 years such as the obesity epidemic, the increase of available fast food chains and serving sizes, and the incidence of diabetes. And more…

Six Hours- 12 NSPA CEUs- $160

Optimal Nutrition for the Optimal Athlete

Optimal Nutrition for the Optimal Athlete 

Instructor: Khalid McLeod, M.S., CCS, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Consultant

This course is geared towards individuals who work with people where nutrition is a priority. The class will give an overview of overall nutrition, but suited for the experienced athlete/client. Today’s athlete needs an edge, what better to get a start and even better finish to your optimal workout other than optimal nutrition.

Six Hours – 12 NSPA CEUs – $160



Instructor: Khalid McLeod, M.S., CCS, Personal Trainer, & Nutrition Consultant

The goals of the periodization workshop series are to assist the trainer/conditioning coach in making decisions on a long-term training plan that encompasses goals and objectives designed systematically to progress the athlete from one phase to the final stages accounting for certain variables, such as frequency, intensity, time, and type (F.I.T.T.), in order to progress the client/athlete to reach ultimate success. and more..

4 Hours- 8 NSPA CEUs – $125


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